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What is you photography style?


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What is your style?, How you can describe your style?

This is very common question, and one from the most difficult questions to answer.As a professional photographer with long experience in the photography industry I would say, if you wish to be the top wedding photographer, you cannot present only one style.

Your experience in wedding photography should clarify that specific part of the days require different styles of photography.word samp

It isn’t possible to attend a wedding ceremony at a registry office, or at a church and try to shoot only Fine Art photos…. In my opinion, and I think most of the good photographers will agree with me, this is the place for pure photo reportage. The photographer must what to capture, show an atmosphre of the event, show every single stage of the wedding ceremony, and finally emotions between a couple and their guests…

There are exceptions, as always… If on the wedding day you have second shutter or enough time to change a lens with longer focal length, larger aperture that’s OK but don’t forget what is your goal, what you have agreed with your cliens.

Back to the question… how MK Wedding Photography could describe its style?

Simply, every single time we offer a mix of photgoraphy styles depends on the situation.

Let’s split a wedding day for few main parts where I will try to explain what , and how we do.

Bridal preparation:

The morning before the wedding ceremony in a bride’s room for a photographer is a time for some creative images. The pace of preparation, especially in early stage is slow. That’s the perfect time for some play with photography, light, and compositions of the images.Sometime I can find time to meet a groom during his preparation.

Just before the wedding ceremony:

This is the very energetic moment. The stress level goes up.

For photographer is good to be in a few places in one moment. This is the time where many unexpected things can happen, and a guy behind the camera must switch his brain into “catch the moment mode” – photo reportage. There is no time for posing people.

The wedding ceremony:

30-45min of very important moment in your life. With good experience in the wedding photography you may more or less expect what will happen next, and good photographer equipped with a good camera  and lens will catch it.

After the ceremony:

photos, photos, photos, and one more photos. Freedom for photographer. As a newlyweds you will request many formal photos with your family, friends, and sometime with pets…. open your mind and what you should.

I always talk over with my clients what we can do, and how we can do.

In last couple of years I had an opportunity to photograph weddings across West Midlands and Warwickshire, and I know most of wedding venues. It is helpful during consultations with clients.I can give some suggestions about effect which we can achieve. I will not go too deep into that subject. I would say my couples are always surprised from final images of this part of the day

Evening photos with Bride & Groom:

WOW – very often I can hear that comment. Photos during the sunset or just after that. That’s what I love, and what I’d like to take on every single wedding day. Good knowle

age of light, equipment, and other photography stuff needed to take creative images when there is not to much ambient light is a key to unusual images.

Commercial photography in Coventry


Commercial photography service in Coventry. Today we present few samples of product photography which we took earlier this year for one from furniture store based in Coventry.

We are happy to cooperate with all kind of business in the local area.

Reasonable rates for professional photography service. We will produce quality images for all purposes.


Commercial photography Coventry



Marek Kuzlik Photography – commercial photography service in Coventry and Warwickshire

We provide wide photography service directed to the business. We are happy to co-operate with small local business like bands, stores, artists, profesional individuals, athletes, buildese, hotels etc.. or with large international corporations. No job is too big or too small.

PLease have look on our web:

Little play in PS

A little play with splashing water.

Nice play…  I treated this like preparation for future commercial photo shot.

I wanted to shot some splash of  the water on black background, so I decided to take photos of water in the evening time…splash01… As a “studio” I used my back garden, bucket of water, 2 flashguns and an object which  I was throwing  to the bucket with water. Because of darkness on my garden I had nice dark background, two flashes on both sides (like on image below) gives some nice light on splashing water. Photo of the bottle I took some time ago. plan

Product photography in Coventry or West Midlands?

Wedding photography in Birmingham, UK

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