mk wedding photography


Lovely day, lovely couple, lovely place located somewhere in Warwickshire, and MK wedding photography in action.
In June this year I took a part in wedding of K&H who let me took some really amazing wedding photos. Above I can present you one from them. The photo has been taken soon before sunset, so we have nice side light, also I used screen reflector to brighten back site of my lovely models.

570 sec of pure photography

_MK04039Few days ago I went with my friend in Snowdonia National Park. We had a plan to take some good evening pictures from Grip Goch and Snowdon area. Unfortunately, again weather wasn’t perfect, low clouds, poor visibility didn’t help us to capture┬ámoment when the sun disappears below the horizon. We spent aprox 5 hrs in the mountain waiting for magic moment, but that moment ┬ádidn’t come…

… but at night time all clouds has gone and I could play with my Nikon. I took many shots, few of them I will post on this blog soon. The picture abow is a pure shot. It took 570 sec (time when I was makink another cup of coffe) to get the effect.

Some tech info:

nikon d700

sigma 24mm f2,8

iso 1600

f- 9

570 sec