Photography VS Photoshopgraphy

On the end of March this year, I was on The Photography Show on NEC, where I met, maybe I should write I stopped close to a famous UK’s photographer (I will not give his name here). Some of You saw his photographic tutorials on You Tube. On the Nec’s show his show was about “how to turn totally shit photo in to beautiful image after editing in PS“.

Other perfect examlpe which shows that PS, not a digital camera is treated as a master tool in photos creation is work of  my favourite… better to write ex-favourite male Russian portrait photographer. Few days ago I saw her photos before Photoshopography. I was shocked! I didn’t expected that she, recognized photographer on international photography market can do things like that. (I can not publish this photos in my post but maybe You have seen them on Fecebook )

I use PS  like 99% of photographer around the world. I use this software as a tool to little adjustments on raw files not like main one and the only one tool in image creation. Below You will find one from many portraits of my daughter. It was Nikon D4s with 70-200 f2.8, and probably I took this photo on 200mm f2.8 ? but I.m not sure. Anyway subject is sharp, and background with nice strong bokeh .   On photos below You can see that jpg didn’t need much job during editing to achieve nice and attractive look. not like in described samples. (I’m soooo sad that I can not attache this files here but I think You have seen them somewhere on web)

I believe that some of You will leave a comment, share your point of view about present photography, and photoshopography.

raw vs jpg set

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