Simply portrait photo


Few days ago I mentioned on my Facebook page – Marek Kuzlik Photography that I’m going to show,explain how I made this image. Generally it was simply set up. Beautiful model, beautiful make-up and hairdressing, grey background and 2 flash gusn. first as a main light, it was octa 120cm set on the side (definitely less than 45 degrees) and soft circle light on background

tutorial portrait01

First photo, RAW or NEF because I use Nikon system.  The image was underexposed which helped me in post processing to achieve final effect.

tutorial portrait03

photo no:2 after little adjustments on shadows, lights, and contrast I used – adjustment brush in LR to lighten lights and contrast on hair.

tutorial portrait04

no:3   eye – little lightening plus I removed some skin imperfections but are not marked on image above.

tutorial portrait05

No 4 Radial filter for end of job.

tutorial portrait06

And finally after 5 minutes, maybe less I achieved expected effect.

As You can see, you don’t need expensive lights, professional studio. You need some good ideas and use your imagination.



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