Wedding photos in b&w

When I view wedding photographers galleries from Coventry area, I could honestly say that time of black & white photography passed away.
Bear in mind, that the color photography became popular in 70’s XIX but first experiments took place in 1855 by James Clerk Maxwell. Now, in time of digital photography, not to many people, especially those who use smart phones or similar devices as main tool to take photos even do not think about B&W photos.

Similar situation is in wedding photography.

I started my journey with photography many years ago from B&W, and I can still appreciate qualities of that kind of images.
That’s why My clients can find a lot of black & white photos in my galleries. It’s enrich, and nicely co-operate with color photography photos.

Below you will find some examples of B&W photos from wedding photo sessions, for more please visit:

wedding photographer coventry mk (1 of 1)

warwick weddingcoventry weddings photographye mk wedding photographye&m-224mk wedding photography

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